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Isn’t Spring the time we all start getting a bit of a spring in our step (pardon the pun) and get cracking on all the things we said we were going to do?

I have been contacted a lot recently to re-design kitchens, bathrooms and other key areas of a home to provide a better layout and make the design function better.

What it really highlighted for me is the lack of information out there about what makes good internal elevations and joinery design, with homeowners missing out on just how important they are to get their home right. So, like with everything else, I decided to write an article about it to ensure that all our readers can really understand why these drawings are critical to getting the home you really want.

Before you start looking at materials, colours and your splashback, you need to know what you want and need in your kitchen before it can be designed for you – which can impact the materials you require!

A well designed kitchen is one that focuses on your lifestyle, how you prepare food and cook it, the type of cooking you do,

and what you need to store and access frequently.

So if you’re preparing to renovate or create a new kitchen make sure you have your lifestyle and needs as the focal point!

Will you have a feature island bench that you need to design around? A natural piece of stone that is a kitchen feature and so all other materials work around the natural stone.

Or will it be a fabulous splashback that you have your heart set on that is the focal point and other elements will co-ordinate around it?

This is how I designed my own kitchen – I've set my mind on marble. I just had to have it as my splashback and designed the rest of the kitchen around it!

So, work out what your design feature is first, as the other materials will flow on from that.

The floorplan alone is not enough as a kitchen design.

Some people believe that they can instruct the builder and cabinet maker on all the joinery details at the build stage. This is dangerous territory! Internal elevations and joinery design are an investment to ensure you’re going to get what you want.

Instructing trades on your kitchen design at build stage, often has a knock on effect on others areas such as windows, or doors, once the joinery design starts to take shape. It’s generally too late to change these elements at build stage.

Best approach: Understand and work on your kitchen design before the build starts. You’ll know what you’re getting right from the outset!

Make sure you design your kitchen around changing needs that may occur in the future. Extra powerpoints so you can change where appliances may go. A water outlet in case you upgrade your fridge to one that has a water and ice dispenser.

We may not know exactly what the future holds, but if you can create flexibility and adaptability in your designs, you are setting yourself up to win.

For those who have followed me for some time, you’ll know that I am super passionate about 'Forever Homes'.

I’ve been working on Forever Home projects for over 9 years now, so it’s really in my bones.

Kitchens are such a main component to any Forever Home. They are the true hub of the home, and form more than just being an area for food preparation. 

We all want our kitchen to look amazing (it’s the centre piece, right?) yet we also need it to work hard for us, be practical, easy to clean, and let us move around easily.

So, what's cooking?!

If you need assistance with design or finishes, please contact me by email on


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