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  • By Ruth van Overbeek, Photography by Fi Storey

What makes a house a HOME?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

If you think of your home as a canvas, regardless of its style of architecture, you can put anything on it. I tend to keep painting the painting until it is so done, there is nothing left to do.

But when I style homes for customers, I do believe it is important there is still some 'painting' to do after I left...

Your HOME should tell 'your' story, 'your' journey. It should reflect 'you' and 'your' travels and showcases your family history and journey.

Home never tire of exploring. I think it's because the house is always surprising. It should reveals itself to you in new ways every day. And that is really how I want to live. Not overly manicured or overly precious or perfect. A home that manages to be both spacious and cozy at once.

Always decorate within the style of a house. Of course you can have accents that act in contrast, but the bulk of what you use will flatter your home better if it's consistent with it's style.

So if you have a stone house, you may need heavier, more substantial furniture. If you have a wood house with old floors, you might want delicate furniture with a softer look. And if you have a modern or contemporary structure, architectural furniture will flatter it best.

What can you do to make your home homier:

Tip #1 - How you want the room to feel

To get started, it's worth to consider how you want the room to feel. Should it be formal, casual, fun and friendly, minimal and quiet or warm and cozy?

Having an idea ahead of time can really help you in putting it all together.

Tip #2 - Do you have a collection of treasures

If you collect things, rocks, glass artefacts, ceramics or pottery,...keep collections grouped in a way that allows for some free space around them. That way the focus is on the collection and not the clutter.

Any kind of art can make a great impression when grouped properly. Framing your kids'art can make a nice statement and it tells your story. Any eccentric display can really add loads of personality to your home.

“Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art” - Leonardo da Vinci.

Tip #3 - Mix don't always match

Dont' be afraid to mix ideas, periods and price points! Just look for a common thread between the pieces you choose and you can create something fresh and fun.

This could be as simple as colour or finish. But keep in mind that shape and proportions are also important.

Tip #4 - What sparks JOY

Design your home with what inspires you.

Use your favourite things as a departure point, whether it's art or architecture, plants, textiles or fashion. Whatever sparks your creativity and gives you joy, is a great place to star.

Tip #5 - Use colour

I personally like neutral colours with stronger colours in art, pillows or a nice throw. Big colour statements on walls or furniture can be fun but will limit the possibility of changes.

Be you, be confident and follow the path of design you truely love to create 'your' home.

Defining the way you live and the look of your home can be as easy as getting dressed in the morning.

Just start with the everyday basics and work your way around the room. Add some accessories for accents and always think of the optimal view of a room. This should be from where you see the most, how you enter it, or where the light comes from.

Last and not least, have some fun while you putting together the home of your dreams. Try to focus on incorporating the things that matter to you and the people who share your home.

With love,


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