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Create Drama through Texture in Interiors

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Colour and lighting are essential elements in design, but they’re nothing without texture. Texture has the power to add warmth, depth and character to your home in a way that traditional lighting and colour options can’t.

If you want to find out how to introduce more texture into your home, keep reading for our introductory guide to incorporating texture into your interior design scheme.

What exactly is texture?

Texture describes how an object feels. Interior décor pieces and accessories can be rough, smooth, or anything in between. Typically, rough, course textures add weight and pull focus. They make rooms feel warm and inviting and lend themselves well to both traditional and modern design schemes. In contrast, smooth textures make a room feel cooler as they also reflect more light, which adds a modern feel.

Of course, whilst a room full of smooth textures can look modern, a lack of texture can often leave a living space feeling dull and lifeless. This problem is easily solved by adding a few subtly textured pieces. Think of a sleek, modern living space with bright colours and smooth surfaces. By incorporating a few chunky fabrics like pillows or throws, you’ll invigorate the space with warmth and depth.

Adding texture

Want to add texture to you home but unsure where to start? The following five materials offer a perfect balance of rough and smooth to bring your texture-inspired design to life:

1.    Marble

Not everything in your design scheme has to be a feast of texture. Marble offers a simple, smooth texture that’s especially popular in the kitchen. This Carrera Marble bench top is perfect for breaking up the monotony of this sleek all white kitchen


2.  Timber 

A Timber surface is utterly captivating and its unique grain pattern makes it an ideal material to accessorise with. Adding Timber furniture is a simple way of incorporating eye-catching texture to any room.

3.    Glass

Glass decor is stylish and versatile. What better way to incorporate this sleek texture than with glass lighting? Glass pendant lights are always on trend – they look incredible in any setting. Go simple and light or make a statement, the choice is up to you.

4.    Wool

Add a deep, rich texture to your home with wool. Thick, luxurious wool throws are a must-have for living rooms, especially if they’re accessorising your window seat. Your throw should be incredibly soft, resilient and soothing to the touch for extra comfort.

5.   Rattan

Like timber, rattan is smooth to the touch, but it also offers a natural mixture of shades through pattern that gives every piece a unique texture of its own. If you want to keep texture simple, add some bar stools with a woven seat or go bold with an oversized pendant, the perfect accessory to accentuate the sleek style of your home.


*All Interiors in above pictures are Designed, Sourced, Supplied & Styled by Ruth@KaamerDesign.

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