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Make life beautiful

I hope that your home is filled with the meaningful, everyday moments of invigoration and recharge to make life truly beautiful. Designed with thoughtful intent, a home that's timeless and that brings purposeful beauty to your space.

As the place where we begin each day, the bedroom is one area of the home where it is particularly important to choose colours according to the quality of natural light.

Create an inviting bedroom by mixing and matching varied textures of duvet, quilts, throws and textured pillows.

Bring both approachability and liveability to your bedroom by adding a seating arrangement that encourages a thoughtful start and end to each day.

A little styling tip: Make your bedroom a more usable, inviting space where you can recharge and find enjoyment. Incorporate seating and side tables for a spot to set a candle, a book or your favourite drink.

The bed is a large and dominant piece of furniture, which means that the colour of your upholstered bedhead or bed linen, will play a featuring role into your decorative scheme of the room. So think wisely about the colour and fabrics you choose. Or go big and bold and introduce cladding on your feature wall, like timber boards.

Brightly coloured bed linen or cushions can inject a little vitality, while cool colours, such as blues and greys are ideal for bedrooms that are north facing as these rooms are much warmer and sunnier. Textural variety from the use of different materials like timber, gives depth to a neutral colour scheme.

Visit one of the amazing linen showrooms to get inspired by colour and texture on show and be brave.

Sweet dreams x


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