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  • By Ruth van Overbeek, Photography by Lisa Atkinson

Embrace the winter chills

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

This winter we are letting ourselves indulge in playfulness and rejuvenate our home.

But most of all, we are embracing layers of beauty, practicality, productivity and fun.

When designing and styling homes, I believe incorporating layers bring a well rounded functionality that encourages you to explore.

Rooms filled with pieces that add balance and personality, allows you to design your home in a way that celebrates every aspect of your life.

Let's soak up that shimmer of sunshine winter days give us and bring a playful feeling to your home to find beauty in the everyday.

Refreshing your living room with warm decor is an easy way to add some winter flair and encourage conversation and add breathability.

By intentionally selecting pieces that tell your story and style tabletops and shelves to bring a lived-in personal touch to any room.

After all, winter is the time to rug up outdoors and cozying up indoors!

Embrace textiles that add soft layers and playfulness to your space with neutral palettes and versatile patterns.

Throws and cushions can be styled throughout the home while bringing a comfortable and curated feel.

Textural and detailed rugs bring warmth and cohesion to any room, adding extra dimension and beauty to the overall design.

It's the perfect time of the year to indulge and cook good hearty meals to enjoy with family and dear friends, so cozy up and sip away those winter chills.



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