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  • Ruth, Photography by BWRM

Feel safe and soothed with Earthbound

As we spin into the future we take time out to rethink the direction of our personal journeys.

The commercialisation of Space and the advance of technology fascinates and astounds us. (Please do yourself a favour and watch "The Social Dilemma").

We need to reconnect to Self. A human evolutionary path that takes us back to the basics; to embrace universal values, simplify our lives and seek wisdom from the past.

We are profoundly bound to the Earth. So creating an authentic space in which we feel safe and soothed is a natural reaction...

To create this natural Style, Look no further than "Earthbound";

- CONNECT to Earth; think natural colour palettes like Clay, Cosmic Grey, Soft Terracotta, Blood Moon and Nomad Beige.

- Create BALANCE and CALM within a space by de-cluttering.

- The yearning for a HUMAN FEEL; a grounded aesthetic with genuine connections to the Earth via materials and colours.

- Interior Schemes in which to SLOW DOWN; tap into wellbeing, benefits of basic-ness that relieves anxiety in this unsettled economic and social climate.

- A resurgent interest in the ANCIENT cultural beliefs and ancestral wisdom of Indigenous people.

Style Notes:

- Furniture is simple and sculptural with lots of softness and curves.

- Materiality is very timber focused: textured or carved timbers and natural stones.

- Textiles are textured with patterns that are influenced by Batik, Tribal and Indigenous Arts & Crafts.

With the Earthbound-style we create a more easy and more comfortable and adaptable living zone. We feel more protected and make better choices, so slow down and be safe.



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