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Update your bathroom decor

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Now is the time to show your bathroom some love with eye-catching pieces and stylish accessories. It's easier than you might think! Simple changes and small additions can make all the difference.

Once a purely functional space, the bathroom is now a shrine to design. It's a place to linger, so it needs to have the good looks you's expect of a living space. But no matter how grand your renovating and decorating plans are, functionality is vital. Issues such as space, lighting, storage and ease of maintenance are critical.

So your bathroom revamp starts with considered storage and a few key pieces. Keep clutter at bay and ensure there's a place for everything in the bathroom, whether it's a shelf for toiletries or hooks for towels. If space is at premium, consider installing a simple wall-mounted cabinet or organise items in attractive storage containers on your vanity.

Accessorise with baskets, trolleys or boxes and use them to create a display of stored items. Any of these small changes will work wonders! The bathroom will also appear less cluttered if you keep a uniform colour scheme.

On the style front, a design element or two, such as feature lighting, beautiful chosen hardware or mirrors, will give your space a great focal point.

A statement piece, such as a big mirror, can be used to great effect to make the room appear twice as big. This way you can create a small space that has a very big attitude. Not only will they enhance the feeling of spaciousness, they're very practical for when you need to shave, blow-dry your hair or apply make-up.

Or spruce things up with bold paint colours or by applying contrasting grout (use a grout pen) to your tiles for a quick cosmetic change.

Another way to rev up a tired bathroom is to resurface that tired bath, shower base or even tiles with a special hard-wearing surface paint, which is also good for hiding cracks. This gloss finish paint now comes in quite an array of colours. However, it's not an effort free process, you have to clean, prime then paint the tiles or surface. But it does require less time, expertise and expense. Aside from the cost saving, there is little mess and you can generally use the bathroom 24 hours later.

So these are my bright ideas for making the most of your bathroom or ensuite.

*All Interiors in my Blog posts like colours, materials and styling were sources, supplied and designed by Kaamer Design*

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