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Insider secrets to Decorating

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

In this period of self-isolating, creating a comfortable living environment for your loved ones has never been more important. So...Let me help YOU.

There is more to creating a space that looks and feels comfortable, a complete representation of your personal style than just throwing a bunch of essential items together in a room.

Finding a style, considering storage, working out colour, understanding what goes with what and where.... Decorating can be daunting, so where do you start?

Follow my GOLDEN RULES to a harmonious interior by implementing these basic principles.


You need to think of your house as a totality, as all rooms are connected and so should the design and decor be. Create a flow through the entire home with a uniform colour palette - three or maximum four colours in slightly different shades and use similar metal finishings for your door hardware, window hardware and taps -.

- Create BALANCE:

We talk here about the 'weight' in a room, can be the height or width, either way, you want a little bit of each to stop the room leaning to one side. If you choose low furniture, then use higher pieces to draw the eye up to art on walls, floor lamps and eye catching pendants.

- Create CONTRAST:

Your home or room should tie together through a common theme and elements, but there has to be a contrast. Use one or two opposing repetitive elements.

- Create a FOCAL POINT:

Every room needs a focus! It could be the actual view into the garden or an architectural feature such as a fireplace. If you don't have one naturally, create one by hanging a striking piece of art or include a graphic upholstered chair to name a couple of options.

- Create RHYTM :

The flow through a space is easily acquired by the use of repetition. Maybe it's a pattern, a shape, a certain colour, texture or style.

- Create DETAILS:

Ignoring the finer details of a room will make it look incomplete. Give thought to the little things like architraves, door handle and ensure they fit the overall scheme of the home's architectural style.


There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Choosing furniture of all the same height and style (for example they are all boxy or very ornate..) will make the space look over-kill.

But most importantly. Love your home. Have fun while creating and don't follow trends, unless you truly like them.

*All Interiors in my Blog posts like colours, materials and styling were sourced and designed by Kaamer Design*


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