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Bring Summer into your Home

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Just as we change our wardrobes from season to season, we should also change our homes to reflect the warmer weather.

Our personal style changes to accommodate the different vibes that new weather brings, so can your home. Cooler months invite cozy textures, deep neutrals and darker finishes in the household, while warmer months tend to see brighter colours, bolder patterns and lighter linens.

In the living room switch decorative pillows and slipcovers

The living room is easily transitioned from season to season. The couch and chairs lend themselves to all the seasons with a quick change of decorative pillows to add a punch of colour. Keep the palette fresh and breezy in light loose woven textiles like linen. Layering the room with a sisal rug adds a dimension of texture that creates a coastal feel.

Bring in the Summer breeze into your bedroom with cool crisp white duvets and linens, instead of the cosier fabrics and warmer textures.

Bright colours, crisp whites and fun patterns are a must in Summer season bedding. Beds are perhaps the easiest thing in the home to change for the seasons. Sheets are relatively inexpensive these days and so why not have a few on hand to accompany the changing of the seasons. Perhaps velvet is what you are after for a warmer and cosie feel during fall, linen is a must for hot Summer nights.

Place bowls of seasonal fruits, such as limes, pineapples and pomegranate, all around the kitchen and the house.

A trip to the grocery store is all it takes. Load your cart up with fresh fruits, berries and nuts and you will have a healthy and environmentally pleasing display. Other ideas are to bring the outdoors inside. Bundle sticks and branches together and place them on the kitchen bench or dining table in vases and jars.  Also shells of all shapes and sizes can look quite lovely in a large glass or ceramic bowl. Summer decor shouldn’t have to cost too much, just think colour!

Swap your scents

Visuals aren’t the only thing that contribute to your home’s overall style; the scents it's filled with are surprisingly influential when it comes to how you and others feel in your space.

Winter months are great for warm, rich scents like cinnamon, pine and vanilla, while warmer months lend themselves to breezy aromas like floral and citrus. The beauty of this idea is that all you need is a candle or essential oil diffuser for a complete home scent makeover.

Don’t forget the outside of your home.

While the temperatures are slowly heating up, soon it's the time to entertain your friends and family outdoors. When the evening air begins to give your guests a chill, leave warm blankets available for everyone to use. Consider entertaining near a fire-pit at this time of the year, to generate some warmth until Summer really kicks in and make your night that much more memorable. Add some colourful cushions, lanterns and candles to create a great atmosphere.

Add new Hardware.

Changing your hardware is a tiny update that can make a major difference in your overall aesthetic. And because there’s rarely a room in the home without it, the opportunities for change are plenty. You can swap silver hardware for sassy brass, shiny metallic for brushed metal, or a traditional handle for something quirky and whimsical. The possibilities are truly endless and can totally transform your home.

We love the feeling of renewal that accompanies the change in seasons. New opportunities, innovative ideas, and fresh takes on old styles seem to have a knack for emerging during these seasonal transitions.

But of course, there's no renewal that delights us more than a home renewal.

Don't take the styling to seriously. Have fun with it, play with different patterns and contrasting colours. Remember it is YOUR home, so your style rules!

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