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When you Nurture your interiors, you create an optimal sensory environment where you minimise anxiety and emotional distress and enable people to thrive.

Recognise that thoughtful supportive design for certain areas of the home can have a tremendous positive impact on it's home owners state of mind.

This trend considers humanity's evolving relationship with technology as well as the transfer of unchallengeable power. Civil liberties , basic rights and data privacy are common concerns.

Extreme expansion of power; introduced during the Coronavirus pandemic; heightened the deep-rooted mistrust in society. Together, these issues have left people feeling exposed and vulnerable, so we seek self-defence methods to protect, comfort and empower.

Our home is our refuge, where we should feel safe and protected. So we need to create a life and home that you are proud of, an environment that supports peace of mind. 

Interior spaces are very personal as we spend much of our time in. So it has an impact on us. Emotionally, and sometimes even physically.

You can improve and change decor elements in your home to affect the way you and others feel in your space.

Thoughtfully designed spaces are key. Follow our guide with scientifically backed decor inspiration that you can use in your own home....

Choose a minimal style, use organic materials, and introduce cool art with a neutral colour palette. It looks lovely… but more importantly, it provides the very real feelings of privacy, security, and comfort.

The number one colour that increases positivity is yellow. Surely not an easy colour to use in an interior. But think of it as a tone-guide, go for golden finishes -which is high on luxe factor- add mustard yellow cushions and warm tone timbers.

Pastel colours are very much on trend too. They can add a sense of calm and simplicity to any room, from eucalypti green to coral pinks.

These lighter shades work perfectly with the praline hues for an overall calming feel and gentle simplicity. Pastels can feel somewhat girly, but you can keep the look crisp by avoiding homeware that's too ornate. Instead, opt for contemporary pieces with a clean and streamlined aesthetic.

A great way to introduce pastel colours is in soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws to keep a harmonious ambience. Team with different wood tones to introduce texture and interest.

What's fantastic about this trend is that you don't have to completely redecorate to give your space a new feel – it's possible to achieve the look with small furniture pieces and accessories

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to introduce pastels into your home is through fresh flowers. Have fun filling your vases with anything from lavender lilac to pale rosebuds to bring nature's take on the pastel trend to your tabletop.

Keep it fresh!


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