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After running Alatonero,a successful Greek Restaurant in McCrae, the owner Jacqui embarked on establishing a more urbane dining destination on Mornington’s busy Main Street where patrons could enjoy cocktails at the bar or dinner in it's new restaurant "Lorida". The space was bright but tight, which made the brief to create luxury and intimacy in a thoroughly modern Hellenic style, a challenge from the outset.

As a busy all day dining venue and evening bar, every product selected for the fit-out of the modern Greek taverna "Lorida" had to be durable and easy to maintain. So choice of material is key, the touch and feel of being in the space should resonate with guests.

This was my first ever Hospitality project, so a good team effort through collaboration, a detailed brief and lots of brainstorming was needed to come to this fabulous end result.

What any hospitality endeavor aims to achieve via the many extra efforts is a memory that outlives the guests' visit. You want to create an experience and visual memory, from arrival to dessert!

The venue is flooded with natural light throughout the day, so products had to withstand fading and degradation caused by direct sun. Painted finishes needed to harmonise with the various textural finishes on the project including brass, an abundance of glass framed by sheer drapes and a rich velvet banquette dominating the dining room.

The 2pack finish selected for the bar fascia emphasised the textural qualities of the wood and its soft curves. The richly hued texture harmonises with the rest of the finishes selected and creates an intimacy and warmth in a space where light is at a premium and can often wash out colours.

The final product is a richly layered textural approach to a space where deep black timber floors,

terrazzo and richly hued painted surfaces create an intimacy of space that is both alluring and

luxurious for both diners and cocktail hour. Patrons will enjoy Lorida at any time of day.

A deep, Aegean blue ,familiar to patrons of Greek restaurants,was referenced in the colours selected for a plush banquette as well as the walls and bar fascia. Two different blues were selected to add a rich and luxurious depth to the space. Once imparted intimacy whilst highlighting the bar as a focal point for cocktail patrons.

The bar fascia had to have an intensity that would anchor the brightly hued counter top, with brass fixtures to highlight and contrast the green and orange of the terrazzo bar. The effect is both alluring and dramatic, drawing attention to the bar in accordance to the brief of creating a luxe experience.

A more deep and darker tone of blue was selected for the walls, where a custom mural wallpaper and neon branding designed by Annabel Sayers set the tone. Glass windows on two sides and

plentiful light had to be balanced to create an intimacy of space for diners during the day and night.

The layers of interest are amplified with the rich colour, it perfectly meets the brief to create a luxe dining destination that’s both exciting and inviting.

If you like to dine at 'Lorida' they are trading 7 days a week from 12pm till late.

92 Main Street in Mornington.

Opa! x Ruth

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