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  • Ruth, Photography by BWRM

Look great, Feel great: this Spring

Promises of warmer weather, daffodil fields and fresh growth have us excited to emerge from Winter hibernation and embrace a colourful new season.

This Spring, we are sipping spiced Negroni on our balcony and supporting local businesses when we shop.

Focussing on your health and wellbeing has the power to refresh your body and mind and start each day with a positive,

fresh perspective.

Colour can unconsciously play a role in our psychology. On those days when it's a struggle to get out of bed we often gravitate towards darker colour choices.

But what if we reached for something bright and colourful?!

It is amazing how adding a splash of colour to an outfit can instantly elevate our mood and add a little confidence to our day.

Just like interiors, adding a few accessories is a fun and easy way to introduce colour to your wardrobe and change things up when you feel like it by adding bold earrings, necklaces, shoes or scarves. Accessorise your life and embrace the season with colour.

Catching sun rays and fresh air, go outdoors is a great way to stay bright and cheery amid these uncertain times. So lace up your shoes, add some lipstick and get out!!

There is something wonderfully energising about the arrival of Spring that often inspires us to inject new life into our interiors. Introduce new Spring colour palettes like moss green, faded blue denim and accents of sunny yellow. Some colours are mood-elevating, some are calming, others can transform a gloomy day into a sunny one.

There's no colour that says Spring quite like yellow! From bright pops to rich mustards, it's been the colour to watch for a while now. It can be a tricky colour to wear, but why not express your inner yellow goddess through your interior.

Shades of green become increasingly popular too, especially the moss green and the eucalypts. Textiles with bright florals or jungle and plant themed patterns are taking now centre stage. This likely stems from the indoor plant trend we all have been embracing. It's a great way to introduce some colour and a little bit of nature into your interiors.

When it comes to accessories, you don't need a lot: a piece of artwork, cushions, lampshades, floor rugs or a throw on your bed goes a long way. Accessories are a great way to add seasonal colour, texture and a bit of personality. As you've got to love it and make it work for the space you have. Who cares if no one else likes it, remember it is your house!

Changing up your cushions is a simple and affordable way to introduce bright pops of Spring colours to your interior spaces. A small amount of fabric can go a long way, so make bold choices. Mix up the patterns, like stripes with plain or textured with pattern, be eclectic. But make sure you invest in good quality inserts, they hold their shape so much longer and showcase your cushions with maximum effect.

Reimagine your space and breath in new life into your existing decor with colour.

Ruth x

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