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Get organised with my handy DIY organisation hacks

You always need clever storage ideas to keep your home in order. De-cluttering and storage plans will be necessary. Rooms overstuffed with clothes and household items will only create chaos. Don’t despair, as you can resolve your problems with a few storage solutions.

Get rid of chaos in your home!

First things first, you need to clear the rooms. When you have a busy daily routine you often leave various items scattered all over your place. There is no better time than now in forced isolation, as we do have time to sort all the belongings we won’t be using and put everything to order in your household. Sort everything and get rid of the rest.

Are you running out of floor space? The only way is UP!

If a lack of storage space is driving you up the wall, fear not because that's exactly where you need to be looking. From shelves to hooks, there's an option to suit every room. Making the most of your wall space is a way to avoid the need for bulky furniture such as cabinets and it will make the rooms look more spacious. This will give you the opportunity to free ground space but it also gives you the opportunity to get creative and show off your favourite objects. The 'shelfie' means you can personalise a space in your home and at the same time you have the perfect spot for all those little knick-knacks you've been collecting and treasure, otherwise they would be ending up in a drawer or cluttering up other surfaces.

There are so many options with shelving. It can be as utilitarian or as decorative as you like. Whether you want your shelf to blend seamlessly into your home office or create interest with different shapes and colours, there's something to suit everyone.

Bookshelves don't have to be boring. Make them a focal point by choosing shelves in unusual shapes and displaying books, toys and pictures for functional and decorative appeal.

DIY wall hooks are easy to do and inexpensive. Try a weathered wooden wall hook or vintage cotton spools, think outside the box and create a handy spot for hanging hats, towels or jackets.

Or create a mural with floating boxes. Buy boxes to turn into shelves and paint them as you like. Try lining the back with your favourite wallpaper or wrapping paper. Cut paper to size and use adhesive spray for a smooth finish. But be aware that shelves mounted this way will not hold much weight, so use it to store small decorative items like dolls, teddies or plants...

Sort your documents by giving each family member their own file folder, easily identifiable if you write their names on them or buy sticking on a portrait shot. You'll never lose another bill or permission slip again.

Uniform coloured boxes look beautiful until you realise you need to open each one to find what you're looking for! With a simple picture or drawing onto your box, you can find all your belongings with easy to identify labelling, what's inside stuck to the outside.

Choosing small but useful pieces of furniture can be tricky. If you're short on space and storage, having extra room inside your coffee table is a great idea. It allows you to have a functional surface for decorative items and space inside to store items not needed every day. Look for a table with large, deep drawers or one with space underneath. You can then place decorative storage baskets in woven seagrass or cane underneath, which looks interesting and still provide extra storage. Vintage suitcases are another option: stack two or three on top of each other to create storage.

Many ottomans have lift-up seats or lids, which provide plenty of space to pack things away. This is a great way to add pattern and colour into your interior, where you can repeat designs in your cushions or the colours in an artwork.

As you see, storage solution don't have to be boring. Make a list of what you need to store away and go on the hunt for some fun solutions like baskets, boxes and shelving. This can be achieved at a minimal cost at Ikea, Bunnings or Freedom...

Now make that cup of coffee and get into it...You can do this!

Ruth x

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