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  • Ruth, Photography by BWRM

Design Trends Forecast 2021

Insights: For the Future of Lifestyle. Living. Working.  

In response to the world events, the 2020 Decor + Design program is this year completely virtual, with curated seminars that interconnect the world of design, which inspires Australian designers and specifiers in the wonderful world of Interiors.

In times of uncertainty, we need people like Victoria Redshaw. The prescient UK Trend Forecaster’s predictions have become a yearly highlight of mine. As a Futurist at Scarlet Opus – one of the UK’s leading Trend Forecasting agencies – her insights are uncanny, drawing on a wealth of knowledge about design, fashion, history and politics.

Victoria analyses and interpret the international influences behind each trend and reveal the colours, patterns, materials, finishes and styles which will dominate room schemes and interior products.

I've joined Victoria for a keynote seminar and share with you exclusive insights into the major design trends for 2021 and beyond!

We had to adapt and change, cope and thrive in our new normal, get used to a new future with more time spend at home. This leads us to a sense of belonging, to nurture our surroundings and

to reset. We want to invest in our homes, build our sanctuary so we feel more protected.

The Design Trends for 2021 are spread into 4 different Style notes:

- Earthbound

- Belonging

- Force for good

- Nurture

THE Design aesthetic that leads the trend is softness with the use of curves.

Simple but sculptural furniture with textured materials. We will invest in quality rather than quantity. "Less is more".

Let's identify macro consumer & design Trends for the built environment, the world of interiors and the activities in them… living, learning, working, playing, entertainment and more. 

In the next couple of weeks I will go through the different styles in my Trend Hub with you and explain their content in more detail by showing the signature colours and materiality.

So stay tuned to get emerged by the new 2021 aesthetics in this macro forecast news letter.

Ruth x

*Pictures courtesy of Scarlet Opus*

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