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Create a picture worthy space

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

How to create a stellar lounge-worthy space that relaxes and rejuvenates.

Follow my go to rules to get your room picture ready:

"Style by Shade": Looking for the perfect way to add personality and mood? Consider your colour choices. With the power to calm, comfort or energise, your chosen palette can effectively complement your space to complete the desired physical and psychological mood.

- "Warm & Inviting": Natural, earthy colours with a warm undertone allow you to feel grounded. Having a deeper connection with nature, this colour scheme pairs perfectly with coastal interiors.

- "New Neutral": Basically a neutral with limitless opportunities- blue tones can feel calm and comforting, perfect for those pieces you want to snuggle up in as sofa's and armchairs.

- "Pretty in Pink": Playful pops of pink can keep your space feel fun, uplifting and energetic. This can be particularly effective in darker corners, hallways, kids rooms and offices.

I love using colour to create contrast and make a statement!

Feature walls are fabulous, I've used them in a few projects. But they've got to have a reason to be. You just can't just stick one anywhere.

So if you consider creating one, ask yourself these questions:

- Are you drawing attention to a wall for a good reason?

- Is the feature just going to be one wall ?

Think outside the box, consider wrapping it onto an adjoining wall.

- Could you do 'something different'? Perhaps a 'feature ceiling' instead of a wall?

With literally millions of colours in the world to choose from, I totally understand that it can be overwhelming to choose just a few for your home.

I hope you will find your true colours.

If you are still struggling, please don't hesitate to contact Ruth for a colour consultation.

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