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Christmas only comes around once a year, let's make it extra special!

2019 has been a busy and eventful year, to say the least. Whether you’ve been busy paving way in your career or connecting with new friends, the year has probably been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, throughout which your main supporters have been your friends and family. As the holiday season once again returns, it brings with it the perfect opportunity to celebrate them. Hosting a Christmas celebration in the honour of your friends, family and colleagues is the perfect way to show that you appreciate their support and affection, and are excited to do another year of life together.

When it comes to the festive season, we love celebrating by decorating our home with the most beautiful Christmas styling trends. Not fans of your typical tinsel, green-and-gold, or plastic nativity scenes, we are excited to celebrate the festive season sans-tacky ornaments.

If this sounds like you, then read on to discover our Christmas styling ideas that you need to try this holiday season – and maybe even all year long.


With our gorgeous summer weather, sometimes it can be tempting to take the festivities outside. If you’re being drawn to the great outdoors, make sure you’re prepared for everything that comes with battling the elements. While our summers are beautiful, they can be hot. Make sure you have plenty of outdoor options on offer such as ice-pops, chilled beverages, and even vintage hand fans to keep your guests comfortable. Whatever you do, do not forget citronella candles to keep the mosquitos away – no guest wants to be bitten all afternoon.


The boho, eclectic aesthetic is one of those trends that will probably stick around forever, much to our delight as it fits right into our Australian Beach Style. While we love our bohemian furniture and gypsy-inspired linens all year long, it’s also incredibly easy to bring elements of your favourite trend into your Christmas styling. The key to this is to avoid mass-produced, commercial, gimmicky bling in favour of unique and rustic elements. Play around with different elements to see what you can create – such as grouping varying styles and shapes of candles for soft, intimate lighting. String garlands of dim lights throughout your outdoor spaces to create a friendly and warm setting that doesn’t look like traditional, overwhelming Christmas lights.


While we’ve always been a fan of handmade items and DIY details, the renewed appreciation for handmade and artisanal goods has us excited to experiment with macramé, ceramics and prints. Christmas is the perfect time of year to explore your inner-artist as it gives you the opportunity to customise your decorations and make the festive season even more personal. And don’t think that DIY’ing decorations mean you need to spend hours slaving over a hot glue gun – there are easy projects you can try, such as customising ready-made wreaths with flowers that suit your greater-scheme, creating handmade table settings, and hand-penning invitations. You can even utilise the wide community of local artists and visit local markets to get inspired and really nail your Christmas styling.


For a lot of Australians, Christmas time is synonymous with summer, the coast, and relaxation, and often we look for ways we can bring coastal and tropical elements to our festive celebrations. If you’re keen on going tropical, the first step is to keep it relaxed, casual and organic. Explore ocean blue and neutral palettes, organic tablecloths like linen and woven design details. Bring the outside in with a bright selection of florals in traditional red or pink and green colours. Casual Christmas styling should not look sloppy, add a little glamour and luxe with bronze detailing and crystal glassware.


At the end of the day, it’s the small, personalised touches that your guests will remember and appreciate. It reminds them that they are your valued guest and reinforces the welcoming, warming feeling we hope to emulate during Christmas events. Taking the time to invest in hand-penned invitations is such an easy way to add a personal touch while customising menus and place cards can add the perfect finishing touch to a table. If you aren’t comfortable creating the labels, cards or menus on your own, invest in the help of a local artist to help you create the picture-perfect details your guests will remember. Professional artists can create handwritten typography that translates the vibe and theme of your event seamlessly, pulling motifs from your décor into the cards to add that little extra detail.


Floral arrangements are a classic way to inject some fresh colour to your Christmas styling. Keep the arrangements casual and monochromatic for a “just thrown together” look that doesn’t seem overly fussy. Arrange in simple but beautiful vessels of vintage brass or ceramics. Native flowers, peonies, and sunflowers are gorgeous showstoppers that look effortlessly beautiful, while tulips and lilacs can be creatively arranged for beautiful visuals – experiment with tying bundles of tulips together and hanging them upside down.

Hope you feel the joy too...I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020!!

Lots of love from Ruth@KaamerDesign

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