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  • Ruth, Photography by BWRM


It's a strange time, I'm sure you agree as we all have been affected by Coronavirus in our own ways, my heart goes out to anyone finding life particularly hard. In searching for a bright side, I am so proud to see how communities are coming together to help those in need.

Families in many suburbs, including my own, have been putting teddy bears in their windows, rainbows on their gates and creating spoon-villages in their front yard....all to brighten up the daily walk for small children.

Staying in touch with loved ones has become more important as we have less social interaction. Zoom and House Party video calls has become the norm... One thing is for sure: home has never been so important.

Like most of you, I'm also self-isolating and have become overly familiar with my home's quirks. I've been mentally redesigning and styling everything. Maybe you are planning on a post-quarantine renovation? Planning a home make-over, but be unable to leave the house? It's never been easier to get inspired with Pinterest, source and buy tiles online, request samples and try before you buy...

The lovely side of this is that we get to nest, re-connect and cocoon on these chill winter days. I actually can't think of a better way to spend my spare hours than rearranging furniture, plumping cushions and lighting heavenly scented candles. Do you feel the same?

Creating the perfect space that's inviting, can be counterproductive. Be playful and have fun. Soothing natural timbers and layered linen fabrics go hand in hand to calm the mind. Indulge in over-sized, lofty pillows that just beg you to settle in and do nothing ....get restful, feel the vibes and get into the mood to kick off your shoes and get that optional glass of red wine! Or treat yourself on a sneaky afternoon nap under a beautiful soft and irresistibly cosy throw at the end of a long day.

My home is my sanctuary from all the craziness.

Create your little haven and enjoy your home, LOVE your home and look after each other.

Stay well, stay in touch and we all get through this together.

Hugs, Ruth x

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