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The space was bright but tight, which made the brief to create luxury and intimacy in a thoroughly modern Hellenic style. Creating a memory that outlives the guests' visit. You want an experience and visual memory, from arrival to dessert!

Deep Aegean blue was referenced in the colours selected for a plush banquette as well as the walls and bar harmonise with the various textural finishes including brass, an abundance of glass framed by sheer drapes and a rich velvet banquette dominating the dining room.


The bar fascia had to have an intensity that would anchor the counter top, with brass fixtures to highlight and contrast the green and orange of the terrazzo bar. The effect is both alluring and dramatic, drawing attention to the bar in accordance to the brief of creating a luxe experience.


The layers of interest are amplified with the rich colour, it perfectly meets the brief to create a luxe dining destination that’s both exciting and inviting.


Interior Design

Material Specs

Colour Consult





December 2019

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