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A polished and well designed home where you can kick back and relax.

Having completed some reno work on the space before I came along, the bones of the property were lovely. The rooms just needed to be elevated. 

I wanted to give this home a real sense of calm, so when you walked in it felt soothing and relaxing. When I presented the concept to them, I used mood words like ‘timeless’, ‘effortless’ and ‘casual’. Sure I want it to feel polished and well designed, but I still want it to be a space you can kick back and relax in.

I also didn’t want to design with trends in mind. I didn’t want furniture or decor to feel dated in a few years time. On the flip side though, despite us going for a classical vibe, I wanted to throw in some outta-the-box moments, mainly through colour and soft furnishings. 


Interior Design

Cabinetry Design

Material Specs

Colour Consult



Mount Eliza


March 2019

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