Property Styling

Property styling

Your needs and personality, combined with the interior architecture of your space, provide us with the insight needed to help us create you a new look and feel for your lifestyle.

By exploring your personal style we aim to understand your needs, taste ideas and vision to create a welcoming home.

Property makeover and de-cluttering advice

We work with existing pieces and/or introduce new items to enhance your home.

Property staging

We will show you how to get the best result when selling your home.

As property stylists we understand what it takes to bring all of the necessary elements together to make your space shine.

You don't just want to sell a house; you want to sell a lifestyle.

Business/Office Styling

Business/Office Styling

You are starting a new business venture. You have found the perfect location to sell your beautiful goods or cook the finest food.

But what does it take to make it welcoming and inviting for your clients?

You can sell the most stylish pieces, cook the finest cuisine but if the styling of your shop, office or restaurant is not right, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Your interior is very important. Maybe even more than what you sell or create.

We can help you find the best look for your business to give it the edge needed to be successful. We help you choose the right furniture, colours and lighting to present your business in the best light.

Colour Consultation

Colour Consultation

Do you feel daunted by the sheer choice of colours available?

Do you fear you may get it “wrong”?

Colour is an incredibly powerful element of design. It is a shortcut to the emotions; it connects with our moods and feelings. Let me help you find your true colours.

We will provide you with suggestions on site and a mood board with the colour scheme and specifications.

Furniture and Material Specification

Furniture and Material Specification

The design process begins with discovering your needs, goals, budget and expectations. We will provide you with advice on the finishes most suited to your home.

With this input we craft a personalised mood board that communicates this through a combination of colours, patterns, furniture and accessories.

This becomes your reference when designing, building or renovating your dream home.

Our goal is to give you the right look for the house you love not just to have